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1. Legal Advice and Representation in Legal Proceedings:
Minh Thien Law offers legal advice and representation for clients in civil, economic, commercial, labor, and administrative lawsuits. We assist clients from the initial filing, evidence collection, representation before the court, and enforcement of judgments.

2. Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution
Besides representing clients in court, Minh Thien Law also assist clients in out-of-court dispute resolution through mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. We work closely with clients to find the most effective solutions, helping save time and costs.

3. Legal Advisory for Risk Prevention
To help clients minimize legal risks, we offer advisory services and assessments of business activities, contracts, and transactions to identify and prevent potential risks. This proactive approach helps clients manage and resolve disputes before they escalate..

4. Enforcement Support
Minh Thien Law assists clients in enforcing court and arbitration awards. We coordinate with relevant authorities to ensure that our clients' rights are fully and promptly enforced.


1. Foreign Investment Advisory
At Minh Thien Law, we provide comprehensive legal advisory services for foreign investors looking to enter or expand in the Vietnamese market. Our services include:
■ Advising on suitable investment structures and strategies.
■ Conducting legal due diligence and risk assessments.
■ Preparing and drafting applications for licenses related to foreign investment activities such as Investment Registration Certificates, Approval of Acquisition of Share and Capital Contribution, and Registration of Medium-Long Term Foreign Loans.

2. Corporate Advisory
Our corporate law advisory services are designed to support businesses throughout their lifecycle, from establishment to growth and beyond. We provide in-depth advice on:
■ Company formation and corporate governance.
■ Drafting and reviewing contracts and internal policies.
■ Advising and assisting on compliance with corporate laws and relevant specialized laws.

3. Restructuring Advisory
Minh Thien Law offers strategic advice on corporate restructuring to help businesses optimize operations, improve efficiency, and enhance profitability. Our services include:
■ Evaluating and planning restructuring strategies.
■ Assisting with debt restructuring and negotiations with creditors.
■ Advising on asset sales and divestitures.
■ Advising on implementing organizational changes and workforce restructuring.

4. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory 
Our M&A advisory services are tailored to guide clients through complex transactions, ensuring smooth and successful outcomes. We offer:
■ Legal due diligence and risk assessments.
■ Structuring and negotiating M&A deals.
■ Drafting and reviewing transaction documents.
■ Advising on regulatory approvals and compliance.

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Minh Thien Law is committed to providing Retainer Services to ensure timely and effective legal support for businesses and individuals. With an experienced and highly skilled team of lawyers, we take pride in delivering comprehensive and professional legal solutions, allowing our clients to focus confidently on their business operations and daily lives.

1. General Legal Advisory
Minh Thien Law offers continuous and comprehensive legal advisory services for daily legal issues affecting businesses and individuals. Our services include:

■ Corporate Law Advisory: Support in establishment, management, dissolution of companies, drafting and reviewing business contracts.
■ Labor Law Advisory: Assistance on recruitment issues, personnel management, termination of labor contracts, and resolution of labor disputes.
■ Commercial Law Advisory: Consultation on contracts for sale, services, distribution, and other commercial matters.

2. Contract Drafting and Review
We provide contract drafting and review services to ensure clients' contracts comply with legal regulations and maximize their rights protection. Types of contracts include:

■ Commercial area: Purchase agreements, service contracts, agency agreements, distribution agreements.
Employment area: Labour contracts, probation agreements, confidentiality and non-compete agreements.
■ Civil area: Loan agreements, lease agreements, guarantees.

Benefits of Retainer Services

■ Cost Savings: Clients save costs compared to hiring in-house lawyers or using legal services on a case-by-case basis.
■ Continuous Support: Receive continuous, prompt, and timely legal support to efficiently resolve daily legal issues.

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